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To improve the editing experience for content creators, you often want to alter the styling for the form that is used to create and edit nodes. These forms use the node-edit-form.html.twig template to generate the HTML when using an administration theme, and no extra theme suggestions are provided by Drupal natively.

I have to admit something, and it's a bit weird for a programmer to say, but I like comments. And I like them a lot, really a lot. If I'm frank, I love them even more than code. So, now that I've said that, I do feel relieved.

A default value can be set for fields that are attached to a content type (i.e., any field-able entity). The entered value is used to pre-fill the form (i.e., entity) when creating new content. Although having a static starting value is often perfectly fine, true power comes when these values can be set dynamically.

By now, every Drupal developer should know that it's a bad idea to overwrite core and contributed code. Especially when using Composer correctly and, therefore, only store the composer.lock file to the version control system.